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Everything You Don’t Learn About Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

Critical Pieces Of Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

Use a small piece of wire or a paper clip in the inputs for the wire to connect them. If the beeping stops, the transmitter is dog fence wire break kit fine and your fence wire is broken. If it is still beeping, your transmitter is the problem and the fence is likely fine.

If you want the most dependable, customizable, best invisible dog fence available, read on to learn about how our American-manufactured eXtreme Dog Fence® works. DogWatch® Dealers work hard to properly place and protect Hidden Fence boundary wires, and most customers go years without any issues. They are often the result of outside forces like weather, landscaping and small burrowing animals. Here are some tips to help you identify a wire break, repair the wire and avoid any future disruptions. Most professionally installed electric dog fences use 14–16 gauge wire, which is covered with a thicker jacket and uses three to four times the copper of other sizes. Choosing a thicker gauge is always viable for the best performance of your invisible dog fence.

dog fence wire break kit

When I called PetSafe they also seemed genuinely concerned for my pups safety and talked me through my questions. I installed my fence and began training with advice from customer service. My husband and I finally had a weekend free to set up our new fence. I suggest two people working together as one digs and the other places the wire behind them. Our eXtreme™ Twisted Dog Fence Wire is significantly stronger than the wire used by other companies, such as Invisible Fence® brand.

Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

Walk along the perimeter with the collar receiver and verify that the system is functioning as expected. Once you have successfully located the break in the electric dog fence wire, the next step is to dig and repair the break. This involves exposing the wire and fixing the damaged section to restore the integrity of the boundary. After identifying and locating existing breaks in the electric dog fence, the next step is to test the fence line to ensure its proper functionality.

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