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Let us create a safe area for your dog, no matter what the size property you have, we have you covered. Our underground dog fencing in Rockford Michigan creates an invisible barrier to “contain” your dog. Moreover, our professionally installed underground dog fence can save you tons of money compared to the Invisible Fence® brand and local Invisible® Fence dealers in Rockford Michigan. You could save $100s, even $1,000s on  installations in Rockford Michigan.

invisible fence installation

The labor cost to install a wireless or GPS invisible fence system will largely come in the form of a flat fee that ranges from $100 to $200. Installing an inground invisible fence typically takes several hours to complete and may require the use of specialized tools, depending on the brand. Installers will need to dig up the perimeter where the homeowner wants the fence installed and run a wire through this trough, connecting it to the home.

The signal strength of the transponder is then set to determine the radius of the area in which you want your pets to stay, with a typical maximum of feet in all directions. The advantage of wireless invisible fencing is that it sets up very quickly and can be moved easily. It is also portable, so can be taken with you when traveling or moving to a new home. A wireless invisible fence system can be installed, tested and adjusted in minutes.

If you have more than one dog, you will need to buy more collars. If you are enclosing a larger area, you will need to buy more wire. There are concerns about using an underground dog fence because they don’t keep other animals out of your yard. They won’t prevent a stranger or someone from coming into your yard and taking your dog where a traditional fence might be more of a deterrent.

If you choose to DIY, you’ll need to purchase the fence system, which can range from $200 to $800, and then install it yourself. If you hire a professional, the cost of installation will typically range from $800 to $1,000. Invisible dog fences offer a safe invisible fence installation and effective way to contain your furry friend within your property boundaries. Invisible dog fences help keep your favorite furry friend safe and contained. These devices come in different types and styles to fit the varying needs of dogs and pet owners.

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