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Dog Fence Wire Break Kit The Greatest Convenience!

The Birth of Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

It’s strongly advised to bury the boundary wire to ensure your pet’s safety. The fence system will still work if the wire is left exposed on the ground. However, by burying it, you will better protect your wire from your driveway, lawn mowing, animal chewing, tension, and weather conditions. If your invisible fence often screws up, it is always best to replace it with a durable one. Here are the most reliable and consistent invisible dog fences that we recommend.

When you compare it to the wire that comes in prepackaged kits, our wire has 7X the thickness. Our eXtreme™ Twisted Dog Fence Wire is a durable and thick 14-gauge twisted wire. It has a superior wire coating that is 3 times thicker than any other gauge of twisted wire. This is an ideal depth for adequate signal transmission and protection from lawnmower or other lawn activity damage.

Once the pet is trained to the zone (training flags are provided with every system) he or she will know where the no area is and will rarely activate even the beep on the collar. Make sure to secure the tensioning wire to the fence at various points to maintain the tension of the fence. Measure and indicate the location for the strut, ensuring it is halfway off the ground for end and corner posts, and aligned with the fence run. Ensure to secure the tensioning wire to the fence at multiple points to uphold the tension of the fence. Utilize separate pieces of wire to securely fasten the radisseurs to the corner and end posts.

dog fence wire break kit

Our eXtreme™ Brand Dog Fence Wire features a triple polyethylene jacket that protects the wire from moisture, animal chews, lawn equipment and general wear and tear. With our custom-made eXtreme™ Dog Fence Wire you can goodbye to wire breaks forever. Using dog fence wire break kit a strong electric dog fence wire system, you can avoid wire breaks in the future. A thicker wire with UV-rated HDPE coating and seven strand copper core is the best choice. You can insert the wire into poly pipes or metal pipes for extra protection.

Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

However, if you arepurchasing our dog fence for your home you typically will use your house to complete 1side of your fence. Save the $70 and make your own DIY locator using an AM radio and a lawnmower using the spark plug method. Even if you buy a wire locator you need to understand the short circuit method to find the break. A wire locator just finds the wire and only works with a complete circuit loop. The main advantage of a thinner wire such as 20-gauge is work-ability.

The system is portable, so you can bring it along with you! An unlimited number of pets can be added to the system as long as they wear a PetSafe® Wireless Receiver Collar. You will need a four-stroke lawn mower to provide sufficient charge and static from the wire underground—an AM radio with an antenna. The lawn mower acts as the transmitter, and the radio detects the break in the wire.

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