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Dog Fence Troubleshooting – A Mans Perspective

Unanswered Questions on Dog Fence Troubleshooting That You Need To Find Out About

Use underground, waterproof, grease-filled tubes with wire nuts for splicing. If the problem persists, consider consulting with a dog fencing professional. Knowing the brand of your dog fence transmitter, there are a few steps you can take to ensure it’s working properly.

All of us at Pet Stop thank you for the opportunity to provide safety and convenience for both you and your pet. For the RC-7 and RC-8 collars, make sure there is a new battery installed before performing the following test. For the RX-10 make sure the collar has been charged for a full three hours. The audible warning should sound and the CABLE “BREAK” LED should illuminate.

Unplug your transmitter, too, before changing the batteries. If it’s not the batteries, some stray metal object obstructs the transmission, so such objects should also be removed. Here is a complete guide on your new fence, including why the invisible fence backup battery beeping keeps happening without a visible cause. The constant invisible fence backup battery beeping can be pretty irritating.

dog fence troubleshooting

If you find your dog frequently escapes and you can’t find a break, there can be a few causes. Some dogs are very stubborn dog fence troubleshooting and will ignore the corrections. Many intelligent breeds are very stubborn and will make any obedience training difficult.

Dog Fence Troubleshooting

By the time this tone sounds, it means that they have reached the edge of the previously established containment zone. After the entire process with the transmitter has been completed, it is necessary to check the PetSafe collar. It is vital to use the contact tool/test light that is included in the apparatus. The person should connect the transmitter and set the high limit switch as the limit control to a level 8. If this creates a very large perimeter for the property, it can be returned to the initial setting and adjusted to size.

Replace, if needed, with the invisible fence backup battery or purchase new collar batteries. Then, disconnect the twisted boundary wire from the transmitter. Once the system is fully inactive, check for any possible sources of interference.

The signal field adjustment is super easy, just follow these instructions. For people living in rural areas, there are few options as far as free wolf fences go. A properly fitted underground fence collar should be attached right below the skull and have two fingers of space under the collar.

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