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Dog Fence Repair Broken Wire Fundamentals Explained

The Argument About Dog Fence Repair Broken Wire

And sure, maybe your dog will occasionally wander off and get lost or hit by a car, but at least they’ll be living their best life – free from the confines of a pesky fence. Additionally, test the fence with a voltage meter to make sure it’s giving off the appropriate charge. If there is no indication from the first wire, continue testing each wire individually until you find the one with a break.

dog fence repair broken wire

Ensure the wiring is not broken and does not have any debris like trees, grass, or leaves touching it. Walk the length of the fence to check for any breakages that might have happened. Check that the connectors are wired correctly with no loose wires. Perform the safety checks in the following order to ensure that everything is checked thoroughly. If a fault is found, follow the instructions on how to fix it. This causes a wire to thin and break or change to a less conductive state, creating a wire break or wire break alert.

Dog Fence Repair Broken Wire

Recently a big storm toppled some trees and cracked the power pole out behind our house. The power company came an replaced it yesterday but in the process broke the wire to the dog fence with their tracked utility crane. So, whenever the wire breaks, it stops transmitting the radio signal from transmitter to receiver properly. Resultantly, when your dog comes close to the boundary region, his receiver doesn’t induce any correction. If youre looking for ways to fix a broken dog fence wire, there are a few simple steps you can follow.

Ensure the splice is rated for underground burial and waterproof for durability. Remember, a well-protected invisible fence wire ensures optimal performance and peace of mind for pet owners. At eXtreme dog fence repair broken wire Dog Fence, we understand the importance of electric fence upkeep. Our dog fences keep your pets safe, but if a malfunction occurs, all your hard work can lead to danger for your best friend.

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