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Dog Fence Professionally Installed Secrets

Details Of Dog Fence Professionally Installed

Our GentleSteps™ program is the only one designed to “contain the timid without trauma and the bold with spirit intact”. Just as your dog needs to learn how to remain in your dog fence professionally installed backyard’s perimeter, you need to learn how to set up your electric dog fence properly. Follow all instructions to make sure your electric dog fence works as intended.

dog fence professionally installed

If it’s necessary to cross surfaces, such as concrete or pavement, use a circular saw equipped with a masonry blade to cut a trench to accept the wire. (Don’t forget to wear safety glasses and a respirator or safety mask.) Patch the surface with the appropriate material only after the wire has been installed and retested. Connect the ends of the boundary wires to the transmitter and turn on the system. Using graph paper, plot your yard and draw in the area you want to cover.

Dog Fence Professionally Installed

Many wireless dog fence solutions use a base station that you place in your house, garage, or other sheltered area. However, you cannot change the size or shape of the containment area—it’s always a perfect circle around the base station, which may or may not be the area where you want to contain your dog. You need to ensure the circle does not extend out to a dangerous area. These systems are also fairly portable, provided that wherever you take them has somewhere you can plug in the base station. So moving to a new home works, but taking it to a campground or park does not.They usually have a maximum area of .75 acres, so are not meant for big properties.

Generally speaking, professionally installed systems offer more quality and reliability, more features, better customer service and better warranties. DogWatch has been in the pet containment industry for over 25 years, and our DogWatch Dealers have successfully trained hundreds of thousands of dogs to the fence. With the proper training ALL breeds of dogs can be trained to a hidden fence. By its own design, a wireless dog fence simply cannot beat an invisible dog fence. You’d want to purchase a heavier gauge wire for your future in-ground electric dog fence, just in case you’ll need to have extra-strength wiring.

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