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Dog Fence Professionally Installed…A Great Present For Friends

Dog Fence Professionally Installed Secrets

It sounds a bit cliché, but one misstep is enough to render your electric dog fence useless. Finally, what if another dog enters the perimeter and becomes aggressive toward your pet? Your dog will have no other option than to confront the dog, since leaving the perimeter will shock it and not the other dog. Electric dog fences simply aren’t as reliable as physical ones Even when you’re confident your dog won’t leave the premises, there are many environmental variables that might affect its actions.

You’d feel how these systems can be helpful once you’ve successfully trained your dog. I’m keeping up my cool, laying all my burnouts on the invisible fence system. Speaking about the installation time, to cover up a 1.5 acre of containment, it would nearly take about one day plus for the owner/pet tutorials. You may need an alteration on your land before installing your invisible fence where you need it to be. If you get a wired fence, the cost will depend on the size of the area it serves, plus the quality of the kit. Speaking of the rate, it’ll cost between $0.35 to $1.25 per linear foot, which makes the average cost $2.25 per linear foot, including labor plus the materials.

dog fence professionally installed

You must train your pet well to avoid them experiencing discomfort or even pain. Sometimes, even with proper training, headstrong pets will run right through the discomfort and escape the property. Many wireless and GPS-based options are perfect for DIY invisible dog fence installation. They don’t require any digging and often only require you to plug it in, put on a collar, and at most, download an app onto a smartphone or tablet. SafeBet Hidden Fencing of Michigan wants to fulfill all of your underground pet fence and pet containment needs. We save Michigan pet owners hundreds, even thousands of dollars compared to Invisible Fence®, Pet Stop, Dogwatch, Dog Guard and other pet fence systems in Michigan.

Dog Fence Professionally Installed

A good dog-proof fence will keep your dog safe and allow them to play around the yard and have fun unleashed. If you’re a first-time user of invisible dog fences, this next bit might be the scariest part of your build. You’ll take both ends of your wire dog fence professionally installed and hook them both into your electrical box. If you can hear the tell-tale beep or zap of electricity, you’ve got a good boundary wire. If not, there’s some kind of damage present that needs to be addressed before you can start installing your fence.

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