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Dog Fence Outdoor Installation Throughout History

Adding Dog Fence Outdoor Installation

Since the dog is trained to the tones, not a visual boundary or flags, you can take your GPS dog collar and you can take your GPS fence with you if you move or travel. There are a few options for GPS fencing and depending on which you purchase, you can take advantage of different features. For instance, SpotOn Fence has a longer battery life than other GPS fences, offers an optional Boundary Boost subscription, and has individually activated fences. Remember when we talked about fences for day and night above?

dog fence outdoor installation

The R9 Receiver Collar is also available with a vibration alert, an option that works well for dogs who have a hearing impairment. With either type of warning signal, your pet quickly learns to stop before he reaches the hidden wire. DogWatch receivers have a unique status light that provides valuable information to help keep your pet safely in your yard. It also lets you know if the dog fence outdoor installation receiver battery is low and if your pet has recently challenged the hidden fence. Our patented digital SafeLink® Digital Technology provides the maximum protection against false activation caused by stray radio signals. SafeLink Digital Technology is less prone to interference than the AM systems used by other brands, and that makes DogWatch the most secure hidden fence available.

With that being said, you need to make sure that if your dog fence wire is running parallel to any underground lines, that you separate your dog fence wire from them, by about 4 feet. However, crossing underground lines perpendicular is no problem. A fence is the best option for keeping your dog safely in your yard.

With the purchase of additional wire, the system can cover up to 10 acres. This temporary dog fence is plastic, but sturdy enough to contain most dogs and will allow your pet to stay outdoors and enjoy the breeze while you work on other projects. We love that this version includes a built-in, lockable door so your loved one can come and go as they please or stay put until you release them.

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