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It takes a lot of time and effort, but if you’re willing, it works. Making sure your pet is properly trained to your fencing system is crucial. We use the revolutionary GentleSteps training method, a new way to train your pet to the fence without the use of painful, traumatic electric shocks. This method takes the stress out of training and allows your pet to focus on learning – pets are happier and learn faster with the GentleSteps method.

When installing this type of a fence, you should consider the height of around six to eight foot to contain a big dog and prevent it from jumping over the fence. Otherwise, if you have a dog, it’s essential to consider having a dog fence. This guide will outline for you the different types of dog fences, pros, and cons of each fence and, the cost of installing the different types dog fences.

dog fence outdoor installation cost

Some playpens have sharp edges that could potentially injure your pet, but the Giantex model has been designed with rounded edges and corners for added safety. Plus, the 48-inch height is just tall enough to deter most escape attempts. The indoor fence also includes a door with a double-locking latch for easy entry and exit as well as four ground anchors and metal thumb clips for added security. When it comes to keeping your dog secure, durability is the name of the game.

The installer may offer the training services at a fee, but if they don’t, you might have to hire a professional dog trainer. But, the cost of the dog trainer will depend on their level of expertise, the character of the dog and the number of dogs you have. But if you have several dogs and several acres of land, consider buying a stout transmitter. Before installing an invisible dog fence, calculate the distance of your yard.

This in-ground fence kit contains 100 flags and costs slightly less than the SportDog fence listed below. With this Yardmax technology, if your dog receives static when he leaves the boundary, he will not be shocked again upon return after fifteen seconds. The correction levels aren’t as flexible, yet they are still high-quality and very effective for the price. PetSafe Yardmax Rechargeable System is our second top-rated dog fence because the wiring isn’t as long as that one on the first dog fence. The pet collar is rechargeable, and the warning tone and static are quickly emitted if he or she crosses the boundary.

And because they’re typically made of wood or vinyl, privacy fences are also very durable—a must for dogs that like to chew. It restrains your dog from getting outside the designated area in the yard. A picket fence is made of wood, and unlike a full privacy fence, it will not block the view of your yard completely, but it will provide the perfect boundary for your dogs. The only problem with dog fence outdoor installation cost a picket fence is that intruders can easily throw things through the openings and you may not be able to keep small animals from accessing the yard area. The kit usually has electric wire enough to cover about a quarter acre and flags for indicating the correction points. If you have a bigger yard of about one acre, you can purchase expansion kits which come at the cost of about $ 35 to $50.

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