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Dog Fence Installers Before You Purchase Things To Know

Here Is What I Am Aware About Dog Fence Installers

The fence is sturdy, and can be installed over any terrain. KDH Services is a family run business that prides it’s self on personal attention to you and your pet (s) needs. We offer complete service on all our work as well as several financing options. You make the needed adjustment without a Service Call or having to mail the collar to the dealer’s office to make a programing change. You can also control your Dog’s Correction Level for the Pet Stop Electric Fence out in the yard.

Follow all instructions to make sure your electric dog fence works as intended. It sounds a bit cliché, but one misstep is enough to render your electric dog fence useless. Because an electric dog fence isn’t a physical fence, even when a dog learns how the system works, they can still escape or run away. The only thing stopping your dog from doing so is the knowledge that, if it crosses the perimeter, it will be shocked.

We also offer professional dog training throughout Off-Leash K9 Training business. For current Invisible Fence® customers, we offer Invisible Fence® compatible batteries and Invisible Fencing® compatible receiver collars. We repair all brands of electric fence chargers, electric fencers and electric fence energizers. Some of the manufactures that we are authorized to do repairs for are as follows. In some parts of the country they could be referred to as chargers.

Anyone can install your fence, take your money and leave you waiting when service issues arrive. The Indiana Dog Fence team is here to take care of any service needs in a timely and reputable fashion. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have regarding hidden fence installation. Our method quickly and easily familiarizes your dog to their fencing system. GentleSteps training uses barely perceptible levels of collar stimulation during the critical training phase.

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The collar also comes with a static-free reentry feature that prevents the dog from being shocked when reentering the perimeter. On the downside, the collar has only four levels of static correction, which hinders your ability to customize it. We’re a local dog fence installation and service company, not some giant corporate entity. This allows us to choose the best quality product for your family. We are driven by a genuine concern for keeping your pet safe and protected. That’s why we exclusively provide Pet Stop products, the most effective and humane dog containment systems on the market.

Dog Fence Installers

However, it’s important to know that electric dog fences aren’t right for every dog or pet parent. Dogs that are aggressive, difficult to train or anxiety-prone may not react well to the electric fence. Take your pup’s personality dog fence installers and behavior into account when making your decision. If your electric dog fence ever stops working, however, you’ll need a reliable warranty and customer support. Companies with a warranty of a year+ scored higher with us.

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