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Dog Fence Installation Cost – A Detailed Anaylsis on What Doesn’t and What Works

Finding The Best Dog Fence Installation Cost

Instead, you can use fewer for a smaller, more manageable size to fit in both large or small yards. Some dogs seem to have unending sources of energy… That’s where the Yaheetech comes in handy. With 32 panels, it can offer an enclosure of over 450 square feet for them to run around in. In fact, it’s so big that it can accommodate multiple dogs in there or join them in there yourself. It does have anchor stakes that will keep it firmly fixed to the ground outside, but since it’s only 40 inches high, it might not be suitable for all dogs. Small dogs and puppies will be happy doing zoomies in there, but large dogs might just hop out.

dog fence installation cost

A transmitter wirelessly connects to the collar around your dog’s neck—if your dog leaves the boundary area, an electric pulse shocks the dog. This type of dog fence is a cheaper option for dog owners that want all the perks, but not the high cost dog fence installation cost of materials like solid barrier fences. Chain link or wire dog fences can also be installed by a professional quickly in a matter of hours for the average sized yard. A 150′ chain-link fence installation costs $1,350 to $3,900 on average.

Some pet-containment systems are especially susceptible to lightning strikes and power surges. So, it’s very important to ground your system to protect it from damage. Don’t skip this step; it could save your system from severe damage. Connect the ends of the boundary wires to the transmitter and turn on the system. Using graph paper, plot your yard and draw in the area you want to cover. In most cases, corners must be rounded because right angles confuse the transmitter.

The only downside we experienced was with the wire provided, which was cheap and broke easily during installation. Additionally, the product description says it comes with two collars, but it only comes with one. Lastly, the “correction” (shock) gradually increases as the dog gets closer to the wire, which may be uncomfortable for some pets.

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