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You don’t need to worry about your pup knocking it down, thanks to the eight ground anchors. The Pen will also last you a long time thanks to its finishing coat protecting it from rust. Snow fencing could be the cheapest option since it comes with a fabric wire which needs installation only. ‘Dingo Fence’, also called the ‘Dog Fence’, is situated in Australia. It is approximately 5600 kilometers in length with a height of 5.9 feet.

Although the technology is advanced, this award-winning GPS dog fence is incredibly easy for users to set up. You can either draw your boundary on a map within SpotOn’s app or physically walk the perimeter of your yard with the collar in hand if you prefer. SpotOn offers the most powerful GPS technology currently available. Using location data from 30 satellites across 4 global systems at the same time, it allows you to set boundaries and ensure your dog is kept safe.

If your pup is small, the collar may still be too bulky, but you can still consider a GPS-tracking collar. Halo will issue warning feedback to your dog in the form of a beep, boundary dog fence feedback in the form of a vibration, and emergency feedback in the form of a painless static pulse. Halo says the static pulse feels like being tapped on the shoulder.

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But with the training manual, it should only take your dog a couple of weeks to pick up on how it works, making the training simple. If the dog knows about this secret escape route and you’re worried they might be a bit rough, rest assured that the fence has strong 4-gauge steel rods with a galvanized material. It doesn’t require any maintenance and will stay strong and durable enough to keep your dog in. With a depth of 8 to 10 inches, depending on the size of the dog, this is a ground fence panel that extends the protection of your fence, making sure they can’t dig their way to freedom. You don’t need to worry that it’s not specifically made for dogs either.

Dog Fence

PetSafe makes a lot of different variations of the same wireless system, all of which are excellent choices depending on your overall needs and the level of portability. The Stay and Play Wireless Pet Fence includes static correction levels and vibration to dissuade your dog from crossing the fence line. Invisible dog fences are smart homes for dogs, and if you’re considering a smart collar, the technology has come a long way. In fact, I own both the SpotOn Gen 2 smart collar and the Halo 3, which I use with my Dobermans, Athena and Ares.

The system completely relies on either Wi-Fi or radio frequencies. I’d recommend buying a fence that uses radiofrequency than that which uses Wi-Fi because radiofrequency is much accurate than Wi-Fi. The other thing is radiofrequency fence can handle an unlimited number of dogs, but Wi-Fi can only handle up to 2.

I recommend testing shock levels yourself first for peace of mind. Also use progressive training that rewards good behavior rather than overly relying on deterrents. Models with extensive features may require extensive training for you, too, to make sure you use the collar correctly. However, with consistency and effort, training can give your dog more freedom without compromising safety.

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