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Dog Fence For Small Dogs Some ideas

Benefits Of Dog Fence For Small Dogs

Still, we’re big fans of wooden fencing because it’s unquestionably eye-catching. The static stimulation levels were a little intense, so we decided to use it on our athletic German Shepherd. To our surprise, the second level was more than enough to keep him within the set confines. PetSafe UL D is ultra-light dog fence for small dogs (2.5 ounces), hence doesn’t feel heavy on the dog’s neck, and fits pets weighing as little as five pounds. Each level has two advanced settings that adjust to a higher level as the dog inches closer to the boundary. This means you don’t have to worry about your pup crossing the border in your absence.

This will help prevent your pet from accidentally running into the fence and injuring themselves. A fence with good visibility will also allow you to keep an eye on your dog while they are playing in the yard. The fence should be durable enough to withstand the elements and your dog’s activity. Look for fences that are made with high-quality materials and have a strong construction. A sturdy fence will not only keep your dog safe, but also last longer.

One downside is that the collar is not adjustable, so it may not fit all dogs comfortably. We also noticed that our dog gets shocked again when she crosses back into the fenced-in area, which can be frustrating for her. Overall, we are satisfied with the SportDOG Brand Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Systems and would recommend it to other dog owners.

dog fence for small dogs

One pet owner reported that the metal items in the kitchen ended up setting off the collar. The fence is also simple to set up and use and works with multiple dogs. Not because it isn’t a good pet fence but because the size limit makes it restrictive to only small breeds. It’s very portable and easy to install, but it is also very durable and water-resistant.

Additionally, the product must be protected from the weather to ensure it continues to function properly. The circular boundary range is adjustable up to 3/4-acre, which gives our dogs plenty of room to play and explore. We appreciate that the proprietary circular boundary gently guides our dogs back to the play area, which gives us peace of mind knowing they’re safe. We recently installed the SportDOG Brand Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Systems around the perimeter of our property. The kit included 1000 feet of wire and 100 flags, which was enough to cover 1 1/3 acres of land. The installation process was not easy, but we were able to get it done with some help from the instructions.

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