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Dog Fence Break Locator – A Summary

Top Dog Fence Break Locator Tips!

In addition to the wire, the fence will make use of a transmitter that’s usually mounted somewhere in your home, which sends a low-frequency radio signal through the wire. The final piece of the product is the receiver, which is usually mounted on your dog’s collar. A growing number of dog parents are trusting electric pet containment systems over traditional fences to protect their beloved four-legged friend.

Were you edging the lawn and possibly cut the underground boundary wire? In this article, we’ll cover how to test your underground dog fence in a few easy steps. Using a wire break locator can significantly simplify the process of locating breaks in the electric dog fence wire. It provides a more precise and targeted approach, allowing you to address the specific area where the break has occurred.

DogWatch® Dealers work hard to properly place and protect Hidden Fence boundary wires, and most customers go years without any issues. They are often the result of outside forces like weather, water, landscaping and small burrowing animals. Here are some tips to help you identify a wire break, repair the wire and avoid any future disruptions. Repair or replace this broken segment and use your extra wire again for testing wire continuity. Repeat this each time you reconnect one of the segments you cut off to find the break.

dog fence break locator

You can absolutely call out a professional to come to fix any wire break that you have. Even if you do have to pay something, this might be the best bet for those dog fence break locator who aren’t looking to take on a DIY job at the moment. With the right choice, you can provide a safe and free environment for your furry friend to enjoy.

Helps easily locate partial wire breaks within your In-Ground Fence™ system. The new and improved Boundary Wire Break Locator helps easily detect wire breaks within any in-ground fence system. A wire break locator works by sending a specialized signal through the boundary wire. The break locator unit generates a radio frequency signal that is passed through the wire. By using the locator receiver, you can track the signal and narrow down the exact location of the break.

Dog Fence Break Locator

Hold the wire locator in your hand and follow the instructions on the device to trace the signal. While walking, you can mark the route with flags or pins, allowing you to accurately determine the position of the invisible dog fence. A wire locator may not always be effective in locating an invisible dog fence. The reason for this is that not all underground wires of an invisible dog fence conduct electricity. Therefore, using a wire locator may not always yield reliable results.

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