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Dog Fence Batteries – Five Popular Problems You Can Easily Avoid

Finding Dog Fence Batteries

For installing underground dog fence wire, switching out your old system, or resolving any aspect of your wireless electric dog fence, we can assist. If your dog is an expert jumper, height may not be enough to keep it contained. Some pet parents opt for an invisible electric fence, which will give your dog a static correction when crossing the boundary. Others choose to add a lattice or trellis to the top of the fence to make it more difficult for their dog to scale.

The age recommendation is based on your dog’s cognitive development. Now let’s take a deeper look at both and explore the pros and cons of wireless and in-ground dog fences. Due to the relieance of signal strength, wireless fences often cover less area than an in-ground fence, an average of 3/4 an acre. Dogs are notorious for being able to find that one muddy puddle in the yard. Due to this fantastic skill, you’ll want to look for a waterproof collar with your wireless fence system.

The collar is the standard two-prong, and the power button is placed on the inside, so your dog can’t accidentally turn it off by scratching or bumping against something. The Stay and Play is easily adjustable, so if your pup has anywhere from a 6-21″ neck, they’ll be well fit into the collar. Our fences are sold and installed by our network of over 200 independent DogWatch Dealers worldwide. After replacing the battery, turn on the collar and test its functionality. Ensure that the signal strength is strong, and the collar is working correctly.

dog fence batteries

And, just like any other battery, invisible fence batteries eventually run out of power. I’m a big fan of Perimeter Technologies’ Two-Pack Dog Fence Batteries. They’re the perfect replacement for my Invisible Fence brand receiver collars. I love that they’re so lightweight and durable, and that they last for a long time.

Dog Fence Batteries

The fence system includes heavy duty wiring, an updated collar design, and a digital transmitter. If your pup is a water lover, this system has an added bonus of being submergible up to 10 feet. Consider this system instead if you have a large amount of space or your dog is a water-lover. The PetSafe 2-Dog Fence Containment System has been around for a while, so it has been tweaked and adjusted to perfection. Covering a large area and producing a steady signal, the system comes with two comfortable, adjustable collars.

With this wireless pet fence, you can be assured that the dog is not going to get outside of the confined area. The hidden dog fence’s range of dog fence batteries 105 feet in radius is ideal for people living in the suburbs. However, if you have a bigger house, it may not be the perfect choice for you.

I’m a big fan of Perimeter Technologies’ Four Pack Dog Fence Batteries for Invisible Fence R21 or R51 Receiver Collars. At $699, the Halo Collar 3 is by no means cheap, but it’s hands down one of the most advanced wireless options out there. The collar also tracks your dog’s location and activity, allowing you to monitor how your pup spends most of their day on the brand’s companion app. And instead of shocking your pup when they get close to crossing the line, the collar gently beeps, taps and vibrates. To charge the collar, which has a 24-hour battery life, simply plug the USB-C cable into the magnetic adaptor, which connects to the collar’s magnetic port. Certain brands like PetSafe offer an invisible pet fence with a battery life of about 3 weeks, which is amazing.

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