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PetSafe Wireless Fence is the most reliable invisible dog fence. It consists of the main transmitter unit that communicates with your dog’s collar. The transmitter emits a 17.5 kHz radio signal that creates a circular perimeter around your backyard or home. So, when your dog enters or goes near the perimeter, they will hear a warning tone or vibrations followed by the static correction. Picking out a correction method that will suit your dog’s needs and safety is paramount.

invisible fence for small dogs

The system also features frequency encoding, which prevents neighboring electric dog fence systems from interfering with your pet’s collar. It takes time to train a dog to understand how a wireless pet fence works, so it’s best to use a portable version only if your dog is already accustomed to invisible fences. You’ll also need to teach your pet what the new boundaries are if you’re using this invisible fence on the go.

invisible fence for small dogs

Whether you live in a small apartment or a large home, an electronic cat containment system can provide peace of mind and ensure that your feline friend stays safe and happy. Invisible dog fencing, also known as electronic dog fencing, uses a combination of buried wire and a specialised collar to create a boundary for your dog. When your dog gets too close to the boundary, the collar will emit a warning tone to remind your dog to stay within the designated area. If your dog continues to approach the boundary, the collar will deliver a mild static correction to discourage them from crossing the invisible fence. An electronic fence is a great option for pet owners who want to keep their dogs safe and contained within their property. While training and maintenance are important, the benefits of an electronic fence far outweigh the costs, and can provide peace of mind for both you and your pet.

It provides about 30% or more extra usable space when you move the warning zone outside the boundary line. One cool feature of this system is that invisible fence for small dogs you can use the wire to customize the shape of the perimeter. An invisible dog fence uses a transmitter to communicate with a dog collar.

And to add on more space, you must purchase an extension kit and perform more digging for the underground installation. The SpotOn GPS invisible fence system for dogs includes innovative technology that allows you to create boundaries and perimeters wherever you go. With this feature, you can set up allowable space at your home, and when travelling, with minimal effort.

Each corner is reinforced and all seams are protected, which decreases the chance your dog will find them convenient to chew on. This means that even the greatest of diggers, like my pooch, won’t make their great escape underneath the pen. The fence is 74 cm high and the 6 panels are 3.8 metres long together. In case you need a longer fence, it is possible to combine two of these 6 panel fences.

The system typically consists of a transmitter and receiver collar. The transmitter is placed in the area where the cat is not allowed to go, and the receiver collar is worn by the cat. When the cat approaches the designated boundary, the receiver collar will emit a warning sound, vibration, or static correction to remind the cat to stay within the designated area. The system consists of a transmitter that is installed in a central location and a receiver that is attached to the pet’s collar. Wireless dog fencing is an effective and convenient way to keep your pet contained within a certain area. The system works by using a transmitter that sends out a radio signal to a receiver collar worn by your dog.

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