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Crucial Items Of Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

Characteristics Of Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

The spark plug method and the RF choke method are DIY options for locating wire breaks without using specialized equipment. Finding a break in the wire requires patience and thoroughness, but with the right tools and techniques, dog fence wire break kit it is possible to successfully fix the issue. Once a break is located, it can be fixed by splicing the broken wire and using an underground fence splicing kit, or by replacing the entire section of wire if it is too short.

You will need a shovel or a trenching tool to dig along the path of the wire and a pair of wire strippers to remove the damaged section of wire. The second place to check would be where your splices or wire connectors are located. Sometimes this is the area where the wires can become pulled apart inadvertently.

You can connect it to a line break if you happen to come across one during your physical check. Or you can directly connect a wire going into the underground fence transmitter. But this is the best above-ground wire break detection for an average user. Pet Life Today is an independent site which only reviews pet-related items.

dog fence wire break kit

This information includes low battery alerts, confirmation of smooth operation, notices of repair needs, etc. Users can also view activity information about their pet that is collected through sensors on the DogWatch collar. This includes data on activity levels, time spent outdoors, etc.

We were especially concerned with our goats as we have fields all around us. Thank you so much for supporting us with help when we needed it. This method will allow you to check up to 2000′ of underground wire till you find a break. If you have a longer segment than that just use the method from both ends for 4000′ of total checked wire.

Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

Once you find the broken wires, check to see if you have enough slack for a repair. If not, you will need to splice new wire in such as your test wire. A wire break locator kit is another effective way to locate a break in your fence wire. This kit comes with a mini transmitter and an AM radio that works well for electronic containment systems with less than 500 feet of fence wire. Also, this system is usually only effective if the wire breaks are clean; partial or decaying breaks are often hard to find. Once the repair is complete, carefully test the electric dog fence to ensure that the signal is properly transmitting along the boundary wire.

To splice the dog fence wire, expose the core of the two broken wire ends and butterfly twist them. Then insulate them with PVC tape, a wire nut, or a capsule. You don’t need to purchase a proper splice kit to splice the wire breaks.

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