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Considerations To Learn About Dog Fence Professionally Installed

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For example, if your dog is a rescue and has a known history of aggressive behavior, you shouldn’t consider an electric dog fence, since it might react hostilely and try to attack you. Similarly, if your dog is old, has health issues, or is recovering from abuse, placing it in a stressful situation might harm and traumatize it. But, normally a dog fence chain will cost you about $3 to $7 per linear foot for a 4-5′ high fence or $8 to$17 for per foot for a 6’ high fence. The cost will depend on whether the chain link fence is galvanized or its vinyl coated. The average cost of installing a chain link dog fence comes to about $9 per foot for a 6′ high fence while an 8’to 12’chain link dog fence will cost you an average cost of about $15 to $45 per foot. Most traditional underground electronic pet fences use a replaceable receiver battery with a lifecycle ranging from 3 months to two years.

If your home has two floors and a large backyard, an in-ground electric dog fence would be your best bet, since you can customize the perimeter to your specifications. This isn’t possible with wireless electric dog fences, since they rely on the signal sent by the wireless transmitter. If the signal range is too small for your backyard, your dog will be confined to a smaller space, and if it leaves the range of the transmitter, the collar will activate the static correction. Contrary to what the name might suggest, there’s no real fence in an invisible dog fence. Instead, there are four parts to the system—a transmitter, a receiver, a monitoring device, and underground boundary wiring.

dog fence professionally installed

Another option for a farm is split rail fencing which costs $12 to $17 per foot, or about $10,000 to $14,200 per acre. A wrought iron fence costs $24 to $44 per foot to install on average. For a standard backyard of 150 linear feet, cost estimates are between $3,600 and $6,600. Hog wire and panels were designed for creating pens to contain hogs, but have been gaining in popularity for residences. The hog wire panel is framed with wood and attached to wooden fence posts for an attractive fence around your yard. Wire fencing costs between $1 and $7 per linear foot installed, or around $1,300 to $5,900 per acre depending on the type.

Dog Fence Professionally Installed

This makes SpotOn the perfect solution for those who need a flexible wireless pet containment system一at home, on the go, or if they move. SpotOn’s fences are GPS powered, and GPS is always dog fence professionally installed on and available anywhere. So even if you are traveling to remote areas, it will still work, and the system has a special ‘Forest Mode’ to enhance GPS sensitivity in heavily wooded areas.

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