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Considerations To Learn About Dog Fence Professionally Installed

Whatever They Told You About Dog Fence Professionally Installed Is Dead Wrong…And Here is Why

As I’ve mentioned, professionals use high-quality components plus top-quality equipment with heavy gauge wires to minimize the risk of wire breakage and related problems. If you plan to install the system and train your dog yourself, there’s nothing much to worry about regarding the cost; you can look through the DIY pricing in this guide. On the other hand, if you purchase a premium system from a well-known brand and hire an expensive professional contractor, this will cost you an arm and a leg, nearly $1883.

If your home has two floors and a large backyard, an in-ground electric dog fence would be your best bet, since you can customize the perimeter to your specifications. This isn’t possible with wireless electric dog fences, since they rely on the signal sent by the wireless transmitter. If the signal range is too small for your backyard, your dog will be confined to a smaller space, and if it leaves the range of the transmitter, the collar will activate the static correction. Contrary to what the name might suggest, there’s no real fence in an invisible dog fence. Instead, there are four parts to the system—a transmitter, a receiver, a monitoring device, and underground boundary wiring.

dog fence professionally installed

Deciding whether electric dog fences are cruel or not is a tough nut to crack, and my thoughts on the issue have changed a lot over the years. With underground fences, a trench is dug along the property line (or wherever you’d like to establish the boundary), and then a length of wire is placed in the hole. The main transmitter unit connects with the physical wire perimeter, which then communicates boundary information to the dog’s collar. Some advanced wireless fences even use GPS, instead of a radio signal, to keep your pet contained. This allows you to customize the boundary to fit your yard, even though it’s a wireless system. This type of fence is extra convenient and probably the most expensive option.

A fence with multiple corners and little out-of-the-way areas is appealing to the eye, but more costly too. Commonly installed with spires and pointed edges on top, most security dog fence professionally installed fences are at least 8 feet tall, and built with a very secure gate system. Security fences are topped with pickets, either straight or curved, with a flat or pointed top.

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