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Choosing The Most useful Dog Fence Wire Break

Why I Love/Hate Dog Fence Wire Break

Simply strip off half an inch of insulation on each side of the wire break and use a waterproof wire nut or a splice capsule to rejoin the two ends of the wire together. PetSafe® Brand is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and service. However, on rare occasions, products may be found to be faulty or defective. PetSafe® Brand reserves the right to refund the purchase price of the product along with the original freight cost. Contact Us and our Customer Care team will help you with your purchase. You will be provided with a yard sign to inform neighbors that your pet is safely contained on your property by an Invisible Fence system.

dog fence wire break

Unfortunately, last week, our transmitter indicated a break in the line, and after testing it, I verified that this is indeed appears to be the case. Welded wire is the best type of dog fence wire for large dogs. Chicken fence wire is easy to cut with a set of pliers; dog fence wire break however, there are better options if you want to build a heavy-duty fence. Chicken wire fence could work very well if you’re going to build a basic fence for your NOT SO AGGRESSIVE dog. Hence you NEED to know, How to pick the BEST dog fence wire for your fencing needs.

Dog Fence Wire Break

If you notice any obvious breaks, mark the location for further investigation. So, let’s get started and learn the essential techniques to locate and repair breaks in your electric dog fence. Having a reliable electric dog fence is paramount to ensure the safety and well-being of your furry companion.

This hand-held locator will help you quickly find full wire breaks in your in-ground fence system. This locator is not designed to detect partial breaks in the wire. Before you or your contractors begin this type of work, draw a map of your hidden fence boundary and highlight potential problem areas. Or better yet, temporarily mark where the boundary wire is buried using DogWatch flags or other similar small flags.

Our lightning surge protector is designed to protect your investment. After identifying and locating existing breaks in the electric dog fence, the next step is to test the fence line to ensure its proper functionality. Testing the fence line involves checking the signal transmission along the boundary wire to verify that it is working as intended. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step process to effectively locate and repair breaks in an electric dog fence. Whether you have a wire-based system or a wireless fence, our guide will help you identify the issue and take the necessary steps to fix it.

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