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Choosing The Most readily useful Dog Fence Collar

Do We Need Dog Fence Collar Given That We Have?

The collar also emits different colors of light for different things, such as when it’s charging, fully charged, has a low battery, or is connecting to a GPS signal. My dog responded to the sounds and vibrations immediately, but your phone will also produce the same sounds very loudly in the event that you aren’t near your dog in order to alert you that your dog is near the boundary. You can really tell that a lot of thought went into the product and that it is well-designed and constructed. Dog fences aren’t cheap, and you’re probably not willing to shell out a lot of cash every few months for a new one. So, it’s worth making sure that the dog fence you choose is durable.

The weight of any chain or tether shall not exceed one-eighth ( ⅛ ) of the dog’s total body weight. Before I get into our experience with the SpotOn GPS Fence, here’s a little background information. Our dog is a 10 pound Chihuahua mix, so she’s a bit bigger than most Chihuahuas. She’s pretty good about staying in our yard, but due to her smaller size and the fact that we live in a neighborhood, we don’t let her out to roam without our supervision. However, we thought the GPS Fence would be a good idea to keep her away from the road and wooded and thick brushy area around our property so that we could find her easily, as well as keep her out of the neighbors’ yards.

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The PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Pet Fence offers excellent correction and warning options for setting safe boundaries. If you have a stubborn dog, this model has a high correction level, but you never need to go there if your dog responds to the lower levels. We looked for collars that offered non-punishment correction, and those with higher-powered correction for stubborn or large, furry dogs. However, every invisible fence on our list has safety features to prevent dogs from getting buzzed or shocked continuously or by accident. This expressly includes, but is not limited to, a dog in a yard or a dog that is tethered. Tethers shall be attached to the dog by means of a well-fitted collar that will not cause trauma or injury to the dog.

If any components of the collar are missing (i.e. charger, static correction points, etc.), a $50 fee may be charged. In order for the SpotOn GPS Fence to work most optimally, you will need to train your dog to recognize the sounds when dog fence collar they are getting near the boundary. SpotOn recommends spending at least 15 minutes a day training your dog until they recognize the sounds. When the collar arrives, it’s very important that you read the instruction manual carefully.

I live on a large property and set fences around my house and a few other areas. It takes a lot of time and effort, but if you’re willing, it works. Another highlight is the collar’s adjustable fit, which can fit necks from 6 to 26 inches in circumference. Finally, the system comes with enough wire to contain 1/3 of an acre and can expand with extra wire from Pet Safe to up to 25 acres.

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