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Choosing Dog Fence Installation

The Hidden Truth on Dog Fence Installation Revealed

However, if you take proper care of it, it can easily last twenty years or more. The privacy fence has the slats pushed together, while a picket separates the slats. As you can imagine, the privacy fence offers more privacy because it’s nearly impossible to see through. And because the slats are right up against each other, it is stronger than the picket fence. Insured and use professional installation/repair equipment that results in no yard damage. We also offer professional dog training throughout Off-Leash K9 Training business.

dog fence installation

Most kits have 500 feet of wire, sufficient to create a square of 15,625 square feet or about .36 acres. Kits with 1,000 feet of wire are available too for up to 62,500 square feet of containment, or 1.45 acres. The average cost to have a wireless pet fence installed around your yard is $2.50 per foot.

Do the research, look at our 10 year social history – 78 videos on our YouTube channel, lots of happy dogs! Our dog fence acts as a flexible net that prevents dogs and other animals from climbing. The bottom material is flared in towards you and secured dog fence installation with unique ground stakes to create a dig guard. So great to see a business owner and his son working together to repair a broken underground wire. They were over $100 less than invisible fence and even gave me a free battery for my dogs collar.

You can test this by simply walking around the inside walls of your home while holding the receiver collar, making sure that no signals are detected. If you do find that signals can be detected indoors, simply move the wire a little further from the exterior walls or adjust the fence’s boundary width. When choosing the location for the transmitter box, it’s also important to keep some basic fence wire concepts in mind. Your entire fence layout will consist of an unbroken single loop, which will start and end at the transmitter box.

Invisible dog fences are a popular way to keep dogs contained without having to build a physical fence. They can be a great option for people who live in areas where traditional fences are not allowed or for those who simply want to give their dogs more freedom to roam while still keeping them safe. The cost of an invisible dog fence can vary significantly depending on your specific needs and preferences.

It is best to put the wireless transmitter in an open space such as your backyard to prevent any signal interference that could shorten the distance coverage. For safety and better experience, we suggest charging the unit every time after use, just like charging our mobile phone every night so that it will be ready for the next playtime session. It takes 4-5 hours to charge the transmitter and 2-3 hours to charge the receivers. In standby mode, the transmitter could last up to 2 weeks and the collar could last up to 1 week. The collar sends a 1.5ma shock which has been tested and proven to be safe for dogs or other pets shock. If your dog is stubborn or hard of hearing then a shock will make sure they stop running and come back to the zone.

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