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Best Places To Locate Dog Fence Installers

Dog Fence Installers: Finding It Cheap

What this means to the consumer is a greater choice in products for their pets safety. This also means we no longer have an established boundary to work, service and sell within. Lastly, and most importantly, being independent means we can save our customers up to 30% of the cost of a dealer installed dog fence with the same great results.

dog fence installers

We also offer professional dog training throughout Off-Leash K9 Training business. For current Invisible Fence® customers, we offer Invisible Fence® compatible batteries and Invisible Fencing® compatible receiver collars. We repair all brands of electric fence chargers, electric fencers and electric fence energizers. Some of the manufactures that we are authorized to do repairs for are as follows. In some parts of the country they could be referred to as chargers.

Follow all instructions to make sure your electric dog fence works as intended. It sounds a bit cliché, but one misstep is enough to render your electric dog fence useless. Because an electric dog fence isn’t a physical fence, even when a dog learns how the system works, they can still escape or run away. The only thing stopping your dog from doing so is the knowledge that, if it crosses the perimeter, it will be shocked.

Dog Fence Installers

An average lot size in the U.S. is about 12,632 square feet. To enclose a full property of that size, an underground dog fence boundary would have to dog fence installers be about 448 linear feet, which would cost around $1,008 total. Everybody has heard of Invisible Fence™ because of their large, national franchise.

Whichever type of in-ground pet containment system you use, you’ll most likely pay between $1.75 and $2.75 per linear foot. This approximate price covers labor as well as materials. A wireless electric fence system may have a limited reach, but you can always extend the boundary of a wired system simply by purchasing and installing extra wire. The beauty of an in-ground dog fence is that it can take on just about any size or shape you need it to. You can use one to surround your front yard, backyard, or all of your property.

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