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As yet not known Details About Invisible Fence Installation Unveiled By The Experts

The Hidden Treasure Of Invisible Fence Installation

For wired (or “underground”) invisible dog fences, the wire doesn’t actually connect to your dog. That would defeat the entire point of these freedom-loving devices, after all. Instead, wired means a bit of busy work for you—having to lay it out around the yard and possibly do some digging—in exchange for precision control. The installation process demands sturdy hands and essential household tools, such as a drill with a tip, a circular saw, a mini sledgehammer, a shovel, and more. Avid DIYers who are able to dig for several hours will be capable of installing an inground invisible fence system. Taking on this job as a DIY project will typically cost about $300 to $450, which includes the installation kit, transmitter, a collar, and a collar charger.

invisible fence installation

We also offer a minimum of a one-year equipment warranty and many of our systems include a lifetime equipment warranty. Invisible Fence includes a certified trainer and animal-behaviorist approved training method to customize training for your pet. Training consists of combinations of in-home training using our Indoor Shields® Units, on-leash training in your yard, off-leash training outside, recall games, exit training and more.

invisible fence installation

Our team noted that dog owners who reviewed this product appreciated this invisible fence’s simple and quick installation. They included that it only took a couple of hours to set up, which was on par with their expectations. Customers also spoke highly of the manufacturer’s customer service team that assisted with troubleshooting. However, select users had issues with consistency, stating that the collar didn’t always go off when their dog ventured too close to the perimeter. The cost of installing an invisible fence yourself will run you around $300 to $450 on average (kits are for one pet). If you have multiple pets you plan to put on the invisible fence system, you’re going to need to ensure the system supports it.

The development of WiFi technology made invisible fences wireless, simplifying installation. Now you just program the fence boundaries into an app on your mobile device. Sportdog—the brand behind one of our experts’ favorite dog training invisible fence installation collars—also makes an invisible in-ground fence system that offers expansive coverage for large properties. The original kit can cover up to 1-1/3 acres and can extend to cover 100 square acres with additional wire and flags.

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