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Replacement batteries for the collar receiver will be your only ongoing cost. To be safe, expect to spend about $40 to $50 a year on batteries or replacement collars. A wired boundary allows for custom shapes, and even shapes within shapes, so you can make areas like pools or flowerbeds off limits.

invisible fence average cost

In a comparison of the Halo Collar vs the SpotOn Collar, we found the Halo system relies more on positive reinforcement for training dogs. Halo Collar uses GPS, so no physical wires or equipment installation is required. I also chose to go with a physical containment method because I began to question the ethics of electric hidden fences. The DIY route can be a hassle, but plenty of owners have installed in-ground wired systems themselves.

There are three types of invisible dog fences, underground wire fences, wireless invisible dog fences, and GPS invisible dog fences. There are three main types of invisible fence that homeowners can consider for their pets, including inground, GPS, and wireless. Inground invisible fence systems are made up of a transmitter, receiver, and buried radio wire that connects to the home’s electrical system. The radio wire serves as the fence’s perimeter, sending a signal to the pet’s collar if it crosses the line. This system costs about $1,000 to $1,650 for professional installation. It’s generally considered the best option for individuals who own their home and want to provide their pet with a large amount of space to roam.

invisible fence average cost

While the longevity of any fence is somewhat dependent on the climate and conditions, a well-installed, well-maintained fence should last between 15 and 20 years. A galvanized chain link fence costs $2,090 on average and can last much longer, while inexpensive softwood fences may only last between 7 and 10 years. Proper maintenance makes a huge difference here; even a strong fence will collapse or fail if it doesn’t get an occasional coat of sealant or paint. Some fence styles can certainly be installed by homeowners who have the correct tools and know-how. This can save money on labor costs and allow the homeowner to curate their own timeline and customize the fence and installation as they please. Chain link, wood, some vinyl, and potentially some steel fences can be achieved by committed homeowners, while aluminum and wrought-iron fences will likely be a difficult DIY.

Whether you inform your neighbors or not, always use property records and a land survey to ensure your fence stays within your property boundaries. To get the biggest bang for your buck, interview at least three contractors and always check their references. Sometimes, you can save money by working with obstructions rather than removing them.

The collar and receiver are waterproof into up to 25 feet of water for those dogs who can’t stay out of every puddle and pond. While the collar isn’t as high quality or durable as we’d like, you can always put the receiver on a different collar—making this one of the more versatile invisible dog fences. In light of this, we found invisible fence average cost the best invisible dog fences that met the criteria for some of the overall most important categories. Still, high-quality, wired products such as the PetSafe YardMax should cover the needs of a general audience quite well. Others, such as the PetSafe Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier, are winners in relatively niche scenes.

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