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Just like with a wired system, your pet would wear a receiver collar that responds to the signal. A tone will warn the pet when it gets close to the boundary, and if your dog or cat leaves the designated safe zone, it will feel a static correction. The average cost of constructing a 6-foot-tall dog of about 200 linear feet of material and one gate will cost you about $1800 to $2000. Invincible fences are also more reliable when it comes to confining a dog. Bigger dogs can easily climb over a wooden fence or a chain link, while in some cases, dogs have dug or chewed their way out through a wooden fence. In addition, you can easily forget to close the gate which gives the dog a chance to roam around.

dog fence average cost

You may already own some tools, like a hammer, cordless drill, and saw. Either a manual post-hole digger or a motorized auger is required. Staining or painting the fence ranges from $4 to $8 per linear foot. Composite fence material is made of a combination of reclaimed wood and plastic, so it tends to look a little more like wood than PVC materials. Metal fences range from security wrought iron and palisade to sleek, modern aluminum and steel fences. Despite all the conclusions made above, let’s check out these costs based on the size of the boundary.

Chain link fencing is essentially metal strapped to other metal, so in addition to the mesh, top rail, and posts, you’ll need materials to attach them together. Every two lengths of top rail that need to be joined will require one top rail sleeve. For each post, purchase one loop cap dog fence average cost to secure the top rail and one post cap. Each corner post requires a tension bar, a rail end, a brace band, and a carriage bolt to secure the rails to the post and stretch the mesh. A length of tension wire equal to the linear footage is necessary to stretch the bottom of the mesh.

A busy homeowner’s dream, vinyl panel fencing is easy to maintain. Vinyl panels offer dense, solid protection around your yard that keeps out views and disturbances from the street. Its density means it’s durable—perfect for keeping your dog from sprinting after neighborhood squirrels. This example estimate is for educational and illustrative purposes – it is NOT a substitute for written quotes from trade professionals. Homewyse strongly recommends that you contact reputable professionals for accurate assessments of work required and costs for your project – before making any decisions or commitments. Veterinarians and animal advocacy groups have endorsed them as safe and effective.

Dog Fence Average Cost

Electric dog fences provide a cost-effective and effective way to keep your furry friends safe and secure within your property. However, the cost of an electric dog fence can vary significantly depending on several factors. There are a few major factors that are going to impact the invisible dog fence cost. There is a huge difference between a flat, relatively open field and a rocky, hill bit of terrain. The two types of pet containment systems are wired and wireless invisible fences.

The gauge wire has to be pulled and stretched between the posts to make it strong enough. However, wire fences tend to corrode easily which may eventually make it easy for the dogs to push their heads through the wire fence. For this reason, wire fences are not always an ideal choice for a dog fence. A chain-link fence has several supporting posts that are attached to heavy chain links that are made using heavy metal wire. You can make the fence to your desired height depending on the size of your dog. Wooden dog fences are considered as the traditional dog fence options.

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