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A Lethal Mistake Revealed on Dog Fence Average Cost And Steer clear of It

The Debate Over Dog Fence Average Cost

When you install a dog fence, you will have to do a bit of training which will help discourage the dog from attempting to climb up the fence or tamper with it, but instead, respect it. This system does not create a physical barrier, so if the pet is running too fast, it may cross the perimeter, signaling the collar to release a minor shock. With proper training, this shock will serve as an indicator to the pet that it has reached the barrier. Vinyl fencing stays popular with homeowners because it’s low maintenance and it offers privacy. Homeowners also pick vinyl for their fence because of the high return on investment—about 60%, depending on your location—and vinyl fencing lasts 20 to 30 years.

dog fence average cost

The white-gray color can be painted if you want to update the appearance. Spruce has a wider grain pattern than cedar, although it is not as durable and may warp in damp climates. The material is also sensitive to weather, so if it gets wet, the pickets can start shrinking as they dry. Proponents of this horizontal style say it makes yards look longer and bigger and offers decent privacy. However, you have to pay more for a taller fence considering the horizontal layout requires more materials to reach the same height as other fences.

Chain link fencing is essentially metal strapped to other metal, so in addition to the mesh, top rail, and posts, you’ll need materials to attach them together. Every two lengths of top rail that need to be joined will require one top rail sleeve. For each post, purchase one loop cap dog fence average cost to secure the top rail and one post cap. Each corner post requires a tension bar, a rail end, a brace band, and a carriage bolt to secure the rails to the post and stretch the mesh. A length of tension wire equal to the linear footage is necessary to stretch the bottom of the mesh.

Burying the lines involves more work because you’ll have to dig a trench around the property, but the wires are more secure that way. If you have a small yard, you can probably dig the trench by hand. For a large yard, you’re better off renting or borrowing a gas-powered trencher or edger. An invisible fence is a great way to contain your dog without dealing with the hassle or expense of building a traditional fence. An invisible fence is nearly maintenance-free, and it’s a great option if you don’t want an obstructed view.

The only issue we found was that the collar can be a bit bulky for smaller breeds, even though it claims it can fit dogs as small as 8 pounds. Choose from our classic Wired system, our app-connected Smart system, or the completely Wireless GPS system, all powered by our exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology. Painting or staining your fence can boost its aesthetic appeal, enhancing the entire appearance of your yard or customizing the fence to match your home.

Labor makes up the largest portion of the cost to install an invisible fence, totaling up to 75% of the project cost for underground invisible fences or adding about $100 to $200. While there may be many different types of conventional fences, there are three types of invisible fences to choose from to keep your furry friend from wandering away. The underground invisible fence involves hooking up to electricity through wires and setting a physical perimeter in the ground. Or you can opt for a wireless option that is either a radio signal or a GPS-based fence that uses satellite location rather than radio signals.

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