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A Dangerous Mistake Found on Invisible Fence Installation Cost And How to prevent It

Having The Best Invisible Fence Installation Cost

Expansion kits for larger yards of up to one acre in size cost about $30 to $50. Installation is just a walk in the park when you speak of the wireless invisible dog fence system. You can plug in the transmitter, set your perimeter and start invisible fence installation cost training. Apart from that, professional installation labor costs can vary significantly depending on your area. Hourly rates of an invisible dog fence contractor may be relatively higher if you live in an urban area than in rural regions.

invisible fence installation cost

But you need to check if there’s a need to check for the underground utilities. The national average cost of a professionally installed dog fence is about $1,200. Some advanced wireless fences even use GPS, instead of a radio signal, to keep your pet contained. This allows you to customize the boundary to fit your yard, even though it’s a wireless system. This type of fence is extra convenient and probably the most expensive option.

The cost of posts and concrete averages between $5 and $150, depending on the post material. Adding a gate will increase the price depending on material, size, and style. A walk-through wooden gate averages $150 to $250, but a drive-through gate may cost $150 to $600 with another $100 to $250 for labor. As is the nature of most outdoor structures, fences are affected by time and weather.

The cost of a DIY dog fence kit should be about the same no matter where you live. With a wired dog fence (aka in-ground fence, aka underground fence), you have to bury a wire a few inches underground to mark the boundary you don’t want your pet to cross. Overall, the cost of installing an invisible fence will vary based on the type of system you choose, the materials used, and the complexity of the installation. When it comes to the cost of an invisible fence, the price can vary greatly depending on the size of the area being fenced in, the type of system, and the installation costs.

invisible fence installation cost

Most have a transmission radius of about 100 feet in all directions, so produce a circle about 200 feet across. The advantages are lower total invisible fence cost due to DIY installation and that driveways and walkways don’t pose installation problems. Wireless fence cost is itemized below including the cost of kits and accessories. An underground dog fence costs $800 to $2,800 installed on average or $2 to $7 per linear foot. This system includes installing inground wires to create a protective perimeter in the exact shape and location needed. When you get into professional labor costs, though, expect the price of your wired or wireless dog fence project to vary by location.

This invisible dog fence has four different static correctional levels, with the highest one being 50% stronger than most collars. By its own design, a wireless dog fence simply cannot beat an invisible dog fence. Two wires that run too closely together can cancel each other’s signal, effectively allowing your dogs to travel back and forth between yards. Underground or hybrid invisible fences use a buried wire to create a barrier for dogs. They’re completely customizable, making them a great choice for long yards, odd-shaped properties, and areas with no-go zones. Wireless dog fences come in various sizes, which range from ½-acre coverage to several acres.

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