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5 Winning Ways Of Use For Dog Fence Break Locator

Dog Fence Break Locator Options

An invisible dog fence is incredibly useful for keeping your dog within your yard boundaries. You may need to relocate this invisible dog fence or simply remove it from the ground. Another method which is not suggested as it is laborious, and can take quite some time to achieve, is using a circuit detector or dog fence break locator voltage reader. This is a bit more involved, as you need to ground the wire on your device which can be a chore on an invisible fence. A buried or invisible fence is harder to work with, as you have to first find fence itself, and people have said it is just easier at that point to replace the entire thing.

dog fence break locator

Most professionally installed electric dog fences use 14–16 gauge wire, which is covered with a thicker jacket and uses three to four times the copper of other sizes. Choosing a thicker gauge is always viable for the best performance of your invisible dog fence. Ensure that the wire locator is set to the correct frequency that matches the frequency of the invisible dog fence wire, which is typically around 200 kHz.

Listen for a beep or see if any lights illuminate on the receiver unit – this indicates that you have found where the signal is strongest. If you haven’t located it, you have to use a wire break locator or a DIY method to find it. Yes, the wire of an invisible dog fence can be easily damaged when digging, especially if the wire is buried shallowly. Careful excavation techniques and using specialized tools like wire locators can help prevent accidental damage to the wire. Simply pick up this device and walk around your yard; you’ll gain an understanding of the invisible dog fence’s perimeter. If you get close to the boundary, the receiver will emit a loud beep, and if you move further away from it, the receiver will beep less or not at all.

To conclude, using an invisible dog fence not only keeps your beloved pet safe but also provides a range of benefits that traditional fencing methods can’t match. Its flexibility and minimalistic presence while still ensuring the safety and containment of your dog make it a valuable investment for pet owners. With an invisible dog fence, there’s nothing to disrupt your landscape or block your view. It allows you to maintain the natural beauty of your property while ensuring your dog’s safety and freedom. This characteristic makes invisible fences an ideal choice for homeowners who are particular about their home’s curb appeal and those living in areas with fencing restrictions.

However, it’s a little quicker if you just use the whole length of your extra wire to test the transmitter. Between the snow and the extensive perimeter, I have been unable to find where that break took place. Digging up and replacing the wire here in December is pretty much impossible. If something like the above locator could be built, I’d be happy to give it a whirl, but my electrician-type knowledge is limited.

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