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5 Essential Elements For Dog Fence Installation

Dog Fence Installation Features

A wood fence can last from 15 to 50+ years depending on how well the builders installed it, the wood type, and the level of maintenance it receives. The most common cause of wooden fence failure is not sealing the wood to protect it from water damage. However, a split rail fence provides no privacy and only contains large livestock. Making sure your pet is properly trained to your fencing system is crucial. We use the revolutionary GentleSteps training method, a new way to train your pet to the fence without the use of painful, traumatic electric shocks.

Even though the truck was idling right outside our driveway and I was over the fence line, they respected the fence completely and didn’t even bark more than once or twice. I really appreciate the energy, integrity and obvious care for your customers. The correction is strong enough to reinforce your dog’s good behavior, not to hurt him.

dog fence installation

What sets Pet Stop® fence systems apart from competing brands are numerous distinctive features. From innovative technology to a commitment to the well-being of pets, Pet Stop® continually raises the bar in the industry. Our dedication to providing superior and unique solutions makes us a trusted choice for those seeking the best in dog containment systems. Choose Pet Stop® for cutting-edge technology and a humane approach to keep your furry companions safe and secure.

Dog Fence Installation

When your in-ground dog fence is actually being used, your dog will first receive a warning signal or beep when he or she gets within a designated distance from the fence. Then, if your dog does not stop and instead continues moving towards the fence wire, he or she will eventually receive a correction sensation. As part of the fence installation process, you will need to set and then test the width of this warning boundary area.

By installing the fence in this fashion, you won’t have to worry about impeding your dog from entering or exiting the door of your home. An electrified shed or your garage could both work well as a location for the transmitter box. If you do need to dog fence installation install the box outdoors, you’ll need to take care to protect it from the rain, snow, sleet and other elements. A sprinkler control box or other waterproof box designed for electrical installations can be used to provide this kind of protection.

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