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5 Crucial Elements For Dog Fence Installers

Why Dog Fence Installers Makes Life Easier

If you’re unsure which option is best for your dog, you first need to consider the size of your home and backyard, and the weight of your pet. If your home has two floors and a large backyard, an in-ground electric dog fence would be your best bet, since you can customize the perimeter to your specifications. This isn’t possible with wireless electric dog fences, since they rely on the signal sent by the wireless transmitter. If dog fence installers the signal range is too small for your backyard, your dog will be confined to a smaller space, and if it leaves the range of the transmitter, the collar will activate the static correction. In addition, traditional fences require not only time to install but also transportation of materials, the correct tools to do the job, and usually, additional labor. Sometimes, a permit is needed to build a fence, depending on your location.

Pet Stop of South Florida offers independent service and support for all other brands of pet containment, including Invisible Fence®, PetSafe®, DogWatch®, DogGuard® and Innotek® systems. We also offer Pet Stop® compatible collars, transmitters, and replacement batteries that work flawlessly with Invisible Fence® systems and Computer Collar. Whether you’ve got a wire break or just need spare batteries, we’ve got you covered. Established in 1991, Invisible Fence of Cleveland West is an authorized, full service Invisible Fence® Brand dealership serving the greater west side of Cleveland, Lorain, Erie and Medina counties.

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However, there’s a slight problem with their business model. They are limited to only installing their branded products, even if they are not the best fit for you, your dog, and your property. Here at Contained K9, we are able to shop around and use a variety of products that we know will be the best possible fit to accomplish your goals.

This is far more expensive than DIY electric dog fence kits, which generally cost no more than $400. Yes, you’ll have to set the wiring or the wireless transmitter yourself, and you’ll be on your own when training your dog. On the upside, you’re saving a lot of money and time, since most electric dog fence DIY kits can be set up in a weekend’s time. For this reason, we decided to focus our electric dog fence list on DIY kits. You’ll notice that our picks average around $200 and cost no more than $310. Although all electric dog fences share common components—i.e.

However, some come with thicker, 18-gauge cables, and they can go as low as 14-gauge. You should always remember to clean the collar’s contact points at least once a week since they can get clogged with hair or skin oil. A clogged contact point won’t apply correctional shocks efficiently, giving your dog the opportunity to leave the premises without being shocked. Additionally, it’s important that you remove the collar every 12 hours to save on battery power, or for recharging if the collar has rechargeable batteries. If you follow this step to the letter, you’ll always know that your dog’s collar will function properly if they ever walk towards the perimeter’s edge. It’s important that you monitor the battery’s health, too, as battery life typically lasts from three to six months.

We are Contained K9 – a premier underground dog fence installer based in Northern Delaware. Think of the Invisible Fence brand, but we are a local, family owned, veteran operated company with better pricing. We install underground pet fencing in New Castle County and all surrounding areas, including Southern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Underground dog fence systems encourage boundaries and provide your pet with a safe, automatic correction if they attempt to stray. When it comes to safety, convenience, and peace of mind, we are here to exceed your expectations at Contained K9.

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