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A Secret Weapon For Dog Fence Professionally Installed

Dog Fence Professionally Installed: Finding It Cheap

As I’ve mentioned, professionals use high-quality components plus top-quality equipment with heavy gauge wires to minimize the risk of wire breakage and related problems. If you plan to install the system and train your dog yourself, there’s nothing much to worry about regarding the cost; you can look through the DIY pricing in this guide. On the other hand, if you purchase a premium system from a well-known brand and hire an expensive professional contractor, this will cost you an arm and a leg, nearly $1883.

dog fence professionally installed

Our high-quality hidden dog fencing uses creates an invisible barrier to “contain” your dog. Our Regularly Priced $999.99 Professionally Installed Hidden Pet Containment Fence is only  $899.99 with our hidden fence installation coupon. If DIY is your thing and you are looking for solutions to keep your dog safe and contained in your backyard, then Hidden Fence has 2 DIY dog electric fence kits that you should consider. A wire is either buried underground or attached to existing fences to define the perimeter of the containment area. One hidden expense specific to the in-ground fence is the surge protector. It is said that underground fence wire attracts lightning and thunderstorms.

Dog Fence Professionally Installed

Some estimators are instant, and you won’t even have to wait for an email. Always check with your local utility companies before you dig any holes. Call 811 to have them come out and mark utility lines, usually at no cost. Digging holes without knowing where the utility lines are could cost you some big bucks.

As the digger digs, the other person should follow behind laying the wire in the trench and burying it as he or she goes along. Now that you’ve got your perimeter measured, you can go out and buy your dog fence professionally installed wire. Wire tends to come in bundles that range from two-hundred-fifty feet to fifteen hundred feet, so try to do some simple math to figure out exactly what you’ll need before you move forward.

The size of the dog and the coating thickness is the most determinable factors in getting your dog to listen effectively to the static of your invisible dog fences. These invisible fences from PetSafe are also compatible with the PetSafe PIF-300, which is the original PetSafe dog fence and electric collars. The kit also contains an underground dog fence wire (waterproof professional-grade twisted), waterproof splices, and other necessary installation material for your very first electric fence for dogs. Having a DIY dog fence kit does mean that you will need to install it yourself.

Let’s explore how invisible fences work, how much they cost, and the pros and cons of installing one. At Dog Guard of Central Ohio, we provide pet owners with high-quality underground electronic dog fence systems and other products. Dog Guard Out of Sight Electronic Dog Fencing is a safe, affordable alternative to conventional fencing. We also carry a an easy-to-use No Pull Leash that keeps your dog from dragging you along on your walks together.

Taller fences may require thicker posts set in a deeper installation depth or concrete footings and bracing. With the average cost for labor hovering around $50 and additional materials such as concrete ranging from $8 to $10 per 80-pound bag, expenses can add up quickly. Consider your specific needs and budget when planning a dog fence installation. Here are the top considerations to keep in mind when thinking about out-of-pocket costs. Want a PetSafe underground wired dog fence but don’t want to install it yourself?

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